The Love Bus is the easiest way to get to Another Love Story.

It takes just under an hour and costs €20 return.

The Love Bus leaves Dublin city centre (St Patrick’s Close) on Friday 17th August at 18.00.

It returns to Dublin on Sunday 19th August, departing Another Love Story at 19.00.


At this year’s ALS we are committed to making the festival as green as possible and ask youall to consider your environment and the effect your travel has on it.

Therefore we have teamed up with the friendly peeps at GoCarShare to help encourage as many of you as possible to share car journeys by offering lifts.

Just click below and add your journey, whether you are driving or looking for a lift, and they will match you with someone going the same way.
Go on, not only will you be saving the planet a little at a time, but you’ll be saving pennies too!