A Message From Lockdown Land II :
Hi again friends – firstly, thanks so much for all the support and positivity over the past few days – it really means so much to us.
We really can feel how much you all want this to go ahead, it’s so heartening, we really hope it does too.
However, these continue to be unprecedented times, and we are reacting to this day to day, as you all are too.
Despite the ray of optimism from the recent announcement, we do want to underline the note of caution from our message on Wednesday – things are still pretty uncertain here.
Tickets Paused
With that in mind, we have decided to pause remaining ticket sales to #ALS2020 until we know a little more.
All remaining tickets will be made available firstly to those who have been with us before.
This isn’t an exact science – but possibly being the only party in town shoots you up the charts it seems – so it’s the fairest way we can think of looking after those who have supported us along the years first and foremost, SHOULD we get to proceed.
ALS is a small vibe – space is always limited regardless of the situation – so we ask for your understanding in this.
Our refund policy as outlined still stands for all ticket holders of course.
We also want to be careful not to encourage people too far into the idea that we are in a position to take such liberties for granted just yet.
On that front – we also want to do our part in underlining the importance of sticking to the restrictions in place at the moment – our actions now, will in many ways lay the ground work for what is possible in the future.
Thanks again for all support and positive vibes, we’re sending them back your way good souls!
More news as we have it,
Huge Love &
Stay safe out there,