A check in from Lockdown Land :⁠

We are greeting yesterday’s announcement by the government on events with cautious optimism for all things Another Love Story | 2020. ⁠

We have long said small is beautiful, and maybe, just maybe, our dedication to creating a festival experience at a more personal scale might just pay off in this instance. ⁠

So, since ALS falls within the 5,000 capacity threshold set by the government, as it stands, we are hopeful of proceeding with #ALS2020 from Aug 14-16th as planned .⁠

However, it would be remiss of us to take this as a certainty, and not to keep a weather eye on events as they continue to unfold.

We know we are all not out of the woods yet by any means, and the safety and well being of the ALS community at large is always first and foremost in our minds.

Should events worsen, or restrictions change again – as is still possible – and should we have to cancel, we want to make clear that in that event ticket holders will be given the option to :⁠

1. A full refund⁠
2. Roll ticket over to ALS2021⁠
3. Donate to the festival ⁠

On that note, we want to wish our friends and colleagues in the festivals which have been forced to cancel their programme’s our commiserations and support.

We have been sitting on our first line up announcement for the past few weeks, so news on that, and more, in the coming days.⁠

But, for now, we press on, carefully watching where our feet thread.

Stay safe and well out there.⁠

Love Wins Out x