Dearest Friends & Lovers, ⁠

We are guessing it comes as no major surprise to many of you, but we are so sorry to say that #ALS21 is postponed (once more) into the (hopefully) calmer waters of August 2022. ⁠

There is little need to add to the general tale of woe that COVID has spun at this stage, so all we can do here is plot a course forwards, and to dream of that first long and languid dance at the Manor with you all. ⁠

We are holding that thought close to our hearts at all times. <3⁠

In the meantime, here’s the go : ⁠


1) #ALS22 : ⁠

Dates : Aug 19th – 21st 2022. ⁠

Tickets and an initial line up coming NEXT week. ⁠

Watch this space! ⁠


2) AUGUST 2021 : ⁠

We are very grateful to @cathmartingreen & @tourism.culture.gaelteacht to receive funding via the recent LPSS scheme. ⁠

This will (again, hopefully) allow us to produce a series of VERY limited capacity, and VERY safety conscious day events this August. ⁠

Details on these coming very soon. ⁠

(of course currently – all such things are subject to restrictions / variants / whims of the gods / universal harmony)⁠


We want to take this moment to thank all the Lovers out there, and especially our crew and festival family & friends, for all the continued support and encouragement over the past difficult months – it is the juice that keeps us rolling on. ⁠

Hoping that blast of summer has lifted the spirits where ever you are. ⁠

Let’s push this forward.⁠

Huge Love, ⁠