Round two of our series of mixes recorded live from the hallowed walls of The Shift Shack at ALS19 comes to you from Ireland’s favourite Berlin based Maeve messer – Lil’ Dave.

Dave Redmond (AKA Lil’ Dave) has been one of the defining characters on the Irish dance music landscape for many years now. His energy and enthusiasm as  a DJ, promoter, and party organiser has lately been channelled into a career as an agent with international booking agency Sweat Lodge in Berlin, and in particular his key role in the rise of Irish label Maeve.
Dave is a firm festival pal, and has been a regular at ALS over the past number of years. This mix catches a little bit of the magic spark he always  brings to proceedings.
The Shift Shack is a coal shed full of excited faces. It’s an intoxicating atmosphere that made me feel butterflies, especially when you have to follow Sara Miller bringing the house down. I loved every second of this hour, mistakes and all, it was a tiny contribution to an excellent weekend.
Another Love Story continues to be the best, the alchemy is perfect. At a strange time in life this reminded me of a highlight of mine. This recording is overdriven and a bit wild in parts, just like that Friday night. Shouts to Kev and Neil for surgically bringing the recording back to life! 

Big ups all you Lovers, we’ll be back in the manor brighter and better than ever before long, but for now, pour a drink, light it up, time for a good ol’ party X “