NEWS 2020

ALS 2020 Update pt 2

A Message From Lockdown Land II :
Hi again friends – firstly, thanks so much for all the support and positivity over the past few days – it really means so much to us.
We really can feel how much you all want this to go ahead, it’s so heartening, we really hope it does too.
However, these continue to be unprecedented times, and we are reacting to this day to day, as you all are too.
Despite the ray of optimism from the recent announcement, we do want to underline the note of caution from our message on Wednesday – things are still pretty uncertain here.
Tickets Paused
With that in mind, we have decided to pause remaining ticket sales to #ALS2020 until we know a little more.
All remaining tickets will be made available firstly to those who have been with us before.
This isn’t an exact science – but possibly being the only party in town shoots you up the charts it seems – so it’s the fairest way we can think of looking after those who have supported us along the years first and foremost, SHOULD we get to proceed.
ALS is a small vibe – space is always limited regardless of the situation – so we ask for your understanding in this.
Our refund policy as outlined still stands for all ticket holders of course.
We also want to be careful not to encourage people too far into the idea that we are in a position to take such liberties for granted just yet.
On that front – we also want to do our part in underlining the importance of sticking to the restrictions in place at the moment – our actions now, will in many ways lay the ground work for what is possible in the future.
Thanks again for all support and positive vibes, we’re sending them back your way good souls!
More news as we have it,
Huge Love &
Stay safe out there,

ALS 2020 Update

A check in from Lockdown Land :⁠

We are greeting yesterday’s announcement by the government on events with cautious optimism for all things Another Love Story | 2020. ⁠

We have long said small is beautiful, and maybe, just maybe, our dedication to creating a festival experience at a more personal scale might just pay off in this instance. ⁠

So, since ALS falls within the 5,000 capacity threshold set by the government, as it stands, we are hopeful of proceeding with #ALS2020 from Aug 14-16th as planned .⁠

However, it would be remiss of us to take this as a certainty, and not to keep a weather eye on events as they continue to unfold.

We know we are all not out of the woods yet by any means, and the safety and well being of the ALS community at large is always first and foremost in our minds.

Should events worsen, or restrictions change again – as is still possible – and should we have to cancel, we want to make clear that in that event ticket holders will be given the option to :⁠

1. A full refund⁠
2. Roll ticket over to ALS2021⁠
3. Donate to the festival ⁠

On that note, we want to wish our friends and colleagues in the festivals which have been forced to cancel their programme’s our commiserations and support.

We have been sitting on our first line up announcement for the past few weeks, so news on that, and more, in the coming days.⁠

But, for now, we press on, carefully watching where our feet thread.

Stay safe and well out there.⁠

Love Wins Out x

Another Mix Series 002 – Lil’ Dave

Round two of our series of mixes recorded live from the hallowed walls of The Shift Shack at ALS19 comes to you from Ireland’s favourite Berlin based Maeve messer – Lil’ Dave.

Dave Redmond (AKA Lil’ Dave) has been one of the defining characters on the Irish dance music landscape for many years now. His energy and enthusiasm as  a DJ, promoter, and party organiser has lately been channelled into a career as an agent with international booking agency Sweat Lodge in Berlin, and in particular his key role in the rise of Irish label Maeve.
Dave is a firm festival pal, and has been a regular at ALS over the past number of years. This mix catches a little bit of the magic spark he always  brings to proceedings.
The Shift Shack is a coal shed full of excited faces. It’s an intoxicating atmosphere that made me feel butterflies, especially when you have to follow Sara Miller bringing the house down. I loved every second of this hour, mistakes and all, it was a tiny contribution to an excellent weekend.
Another Love Story continues to be the best, the alchemy is perfect. At a strange time in life this reminded me of a highlight of mine. This recording is overdriven and a bit wild in parts, just like that Friday night. Shouts to Kev and Neil for surgically bringing the recording back to life! 

Big ups all you Lovers, we’ll be back in the manor brighter and better than ever before long, but for now, pour a drink, light it up, time for a good ol’ party X “


Another Mix Series 001

We kick off our series of mixes recorded live from the heaving and unique walls of The Shift Shack with pt. 1 of a hi energy vibe from ALS stalwarts Neil, Omar & Emmet bringing a close to Another amazing night in what is perhaps the world’s greatest tiny dancefloor.

Neil & Omar are part & fabric of the ALS crew – there from the start in both friendship & deed.

Neil Flynn is Waterford born, but only recently retuned to these shores after a decade long adventure in sound and vision in Berlin.
Neil’s talent as a producer of deeply atmospheric house and techno, and his commitment and passion as a DJ have seen him play as far away as Australia and Brazil in between regular appearances in Berlin and here in Ireland.
Neil  is an integral part of the ALS family and is guaranteed to provide many of the weekend’s highlights both inside and outside the decks.

” A wild, sweaty & imperfect set from the wild & sweaty Shift Shack – it’s hard to describe the energy in that room, this set might help – My favorite place to play & here sharing it with 2 of the best – my 2 feet are rarely ever on the ground at one time. Rave 2 De Grave x “
Omar Suardy is without doubt one of the most consistent and knowledgeable DJs we have ever come across.
Growing up in New York, and spending many years ingrained in the scene in Miami has gifted Omar with a signature style – he’s the king of the effortless smooth groove.
As you can hear, Omar is equally at home in rooms big or small, but his set in The Ballroom at ALS’17 remains the high watermark for those walls.
” The shift Shack! The happy place, so many great smiles, such great energy. So grateful to be spend time in this room with great friends. truly one of the best musical experiences any human can have. “
Omar & Neil are joined here, as is tradition somewhat, by ALS chief messer Emmet – as always relishing the chance to put down the walkie talkie for a few precious moments, and to round out the final hours of Saturday night at ALS amongst friends in The Shift Shack.


Hello Friends & Lovers, ⁠

It has taken a little while to gather our wits to post here, but this a message primarily and fundamentally to say that we sincerely hope you are all doing ok out there where ever you are. ⁠

These are strange and unsettling times. Events are happening at a scale which is hard to comprehend, but which, in a very basic sense, only serves to underline just how lucky we all have been to spend those magic, carefree & heart-filled moments at The Manor, and beyond, together. ⁠


i. ALS 2020⁠

To those of you who have already bought tickets for Another Love Story 2020 – firstly, thanks so much for your support. ⁠

We are hoping that we are on the right side of the time line here, and that #ALS20 will still happen as planned in August. We are continuing to plan accordingly. ⁠

However, as we all know, nothing is 100% certain at this moment in time, but we are fixing our beady little eyes and all of our will on that point on the horizon, and hoping that our little gathering will be a part of the collective release from this testing time – a light at the end of the tunnel. ⁠

We’ve been working on our most dynamic and exciting line up yet, and we were just about ready to press go before all of this escalated – so news on that coming very soon.⁠

Should things change, we will of course let you know.⁠



We want to especially send out a note of solidarity to all our friends, colleagues in the festival and arts world. So many of our crew, artist friends, and fellow festival organisers, especially fellow independents, are facing a very difficult & disappointing time. ⁠

We are thinking of what we can do to help, and we’ll be back with some news on that soon also. ⁠



For what little influence we have, we would also like to urge you all to adhere to the guidelines for Social Distancing – and to double up on the message that we ALL have a crucial role to play in the outcome here, basically from here on in, you can’t be too cautious.⁠


Sending huge love to you all, and to all of those dear to you.⁠


ALS x⁠


off we go ..

ALS returns to the glory of ALS Manor for Another weekend of unrivalled intimacy and fun, inside and amongst the fabled welcoming grander of our 18th century manor home from August 14th – 16th 2020.

As is by now tradition, ALS presents a carefully thought out line up for local and international artists who perform amongst the backdrop of Killyon Manor’s exquisite grounds and grand spaces.

ALS strives to genuinely present an alternative to the ubiquitous big field festival experience – with a commitment to small scale, and an attention to detail which makes for a magical  experience.

General Release Tickets are on sale NOW.