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ALS 19 : Getting Here!



  • M4 ­ From Dublin.
  • Take exit 10 (Kinnegad) off the M4.
  • Follow the overpass over the motorway and towards Kinnegad town.
  • On entering Kinnegad town take the IMMEDIATE RIGHT at JC DONNELLY’s PUB (Signposted TRIM R161) .
  • Follow this road for approx 9kms to Killyon townland / village. (10/15 mins journey) (passing through Hill Of Down en route).
  • Once in Killyon townland / village, pass the church on the left and continue for 1 km.
  • After 1 km Killyon GAA club is on your left , and a white Gate Lodge house on your Right.
  • Take the LEFT TURN into a gate / long driveway.
  • You are here!!

Click here to see the journey in Google Maps!

The Love Bus:
Departing Dublin from 5.30pm – 6pm Friday – as it fills up (YES! We are putting on an earlier bus to cater for more numbers this year). The bus ticket also entitles you to the return journey, departing Killyon Manor at 7.30pm Sunday evening. Book your tickets in advance to guarantee yourself a seat! More info here.

The splendid Royal Canal Greenway, in combination with rail (nearest station Enfield, 15km) or bus (nearest stops Clonard 7km and Kinnegad 10km) services, makes quite the entrance! This is a lovely way to arrive and experience the beautiful, gentle countryside nearby. A fantastic thing to encourage friends and colleagues to do that are able.



Have your tickets at the ready to speed up the security process when entering the driveway. Drop your gear off in the General Campsite then park your vehicle in General Parking. Go to the Welcome Desk with your ID and ticket, printed or on your phone, to collect your wristband. Please keep the following opening times in mind.


Welcome Desk:

Festival Arena:

ALS19 : Other Occurrences



When we first laid eyes on The Manor we knew in our hearts and souls we had found our home for all things Another Love Story.


ALS is of course, a music festival first and foremost, but from day one the idea and design has been to hold a celebration not only of music, but to create a space that allows the full fruits of the talents of our friends to shine – and most of all to create a weekend event that promotes moments of peace and restoration right alongside the inevitable and celebrated party!


From the beginning in 2014 The Library has hosted some extraordinary moments of conversation and song, and this year is no different as YHRF‘s beautifully pitched ‘KINDRED‘ programme brings some incredible voices to the parlour rooms of The Manor – with recently Booker Prize long listed writer Kevin Barry holding court and spinning records, one man polymath Brian Cross – know better as B+ , author Karl Whitney and more lending their learned minds to proceedings with music from the likes of Oh Boland, Lux Alma and a succession of Super Groups – The Plastic Ormo Band, Chris Barry’s Band and of course, the now infamous YHRF Folk Club will excite and sooth you into the night – watch out for the most special of special guests appearing here. 


One of the GREAT charms of Killyon Manor is the tiny cinema room deep in its heart – ‘Roland’s Cinema D’Amour‘ which this year host the likes of multi faceted rolling Cabaret show – The Brown Bread Mixtape, a brilliant history of sampling ‘Scratching The Surface‘ by Graham Smyth, and each evening our friends in Blackwater Gin are hosting a ‘Classic Movie & Gin‘ in that gorgeous little space.


As we have gently expanded through and beyond the walls of The Manor and into the surrounding area The Mellow Meadow‘s SAOI Hot Tubs, ambient incense vibe Moon River, Bosca Beatha Sauna, Massage Tent and of course the run away success story of 2018 – The River (Raver) Deck have given Lovers a space to relax and spend some real quality time with pals away from the hustle and bustle of all the fun around The Manor.


Spend the morning in The Meadow with a Mindfulness class, a musical Yoga programme and ease your way through the day surrounded by the stunning native woodland and the soft gurgling of The River Deel.


Travelling on from The Mellow Meadow you cross over into the equally magic Island Woods – an outcrop of gladed woodland with a mysterious ruin cosyied away at its heart. This small ruin has become ‘For Conor’ our yearly dedicated space to the memory and musical legacy of festival friend Conor Walsh who played with us a number of times. This space hosts some programmed and some pop up moments throughout the weekend – broadly inspired by the spirit of the music that Conor made – this year we have the talents of producer Kobina and contemporary composer Paddy Mulcahy playing special sets in that most atmospheric of space. Watch out for some other special moments here throughout the weekend.


One of the things we’re most proud of is the myriad of little bits we manage to pack into our little festival weekend – this year our ALS Divilment Dept. will be on hand to make sure the level of craic is kept up at all times, culminating in the riotous sports day The Love Olympics – which returns with a very special theme for 2019 – ‘Deep Space Killyon‘ – set those phasers to Love.
There’s more asides – meet the match of your dreams with To Wit : To Woo , watch the All Ireland in the most unique of settings for The Shift Shack Sunday Game, and above all else – stroll the grounds of our glorious home Killyon Manor – it’s ours for the weekend to explore.


This, and more awaits at #ALS19


You just have to get there to know the feeling.

ALS19 : More Line Up Additions

With just three weeks (!!) to go we are delighted to make a raft of extra additions to this year’s carefully curated collection of live artists, djs & performers across the weekend :
#ALS19 will feature the sleek soundscapes of Penelope Trappes, the bold brass of Stomptown Brass, and the mysterious troupe of minstrels Cabaret YOKO & The Lonely Heart’s Club Band.
Adding to the movers and shakers throughout the weekend – the softest of landings from Cabin in the Woods, the gloriously sparkling disco & drag of Amo Glamo & Candy Warhol, sets from Mic U (Eve), Colin Devine, Graham Smyth, Sarah Peters & more.
As well as a series of classic albums presented listening party style over those gorgeous Hatchett Sound Furniture speakers by The Big Romance.
A full announce of Other Occurrences to come early next week too !


That’s all she wrote kids – weekend tickets to ALS 2019 are now fully sold out!!

This is year six for us – we’re planning our biggest and best festival yet – so we’re so excited to welcome you all to the Manor in just a few weeks!!

You can still grab some Sunday tickets over at the ticket section of this website – www.anotherlovestory.ie/tickets

More announcements and plans to come – but for now, thanks so much for all the support!



We are so delighted to announce ‘KINDRED’  – the truly special Young Hearts Run Free strand of the programme at this year’s festival, which runs in and amongst the pastoral grandeur of Killyon Manor, Aug 16th – 18th

Young Hearts are a loose collective of kind souls and minds, spearheaded by the irrepressible one woman wonder of cultural connectivity & curation Siobhan Kane.   

Siobhan has been running YHRF as a platform for cultural happenings for 10 years now (!) – and incredibly does so entirely for the direct benefit of The Dublin Simon Community who will be supported by proceeds from ticket sales and collections at ALS this year.  

The YHRF programme has become a cherished and unique part of ALS – truly an event within the event –  hosting a wonderfully rich collection of thinkers, doers, singers, talkers & movers in the intimate parlour rooms of The Manor – The Front Room & The Library.

This year’s programme builds on what has come before with an eclectic mix of all that is good & interesting in Ireland & beyond – including, as is tradition, some very special guests & luminaries :

TALKS & PRESENTATIONS in The Library from 

Kevin Barry | Brian Cross (B+) | Banter w/ Jim Carroll feat. Karl Whitney & Sarah McKenna | Ian Maleney | Maria Somerville | Alasdair Roberts | Peter Toomey  & more. 

MUSIC in The Front Room by

Oh Boland | Lux Alma | Cian Nugent | Alasdiar Roberts | Participant | The Hedge Schools | Mother Tongues by Dennis Cassidy | Aoife Nessa Francis | The Dinah Brand | Chris Barry’s Boys (Super Group!) | The Plastic Ormo Band (Super Group!!) Scott Walker Tribute (Super Group!!!) | THE YHRF FOLK CLUB w special guests| YHRF DJs & MANY MORE SURPRISES !!!

KINDRED is presented with the very kind assistance of the Arts Office of Meath County Council.

My Love Story feat. Toby Hatchett

My Love Story is our annual short film series chronicling the lives and passions of the the people who make Another Love Story what it is.

Clonakilty resident Toby Hatchett has been creating his stunning hi fi, and often sculptural soundsystems in his West Cork workshop, and luckily for us bringing them to ALS for a number of years now.

Each soundsystem is the perfect marriage and realisation of his passion for design, craftsmanship and hi fi sound – their presence at the festival has elevated the sound and appearance of our stages far beyond any standard sound installation could hope to.

They add a richness of atmosphere in any room they grace, and become as much a part of the performance as any act.

Toby has a long history of working on and devising divilment at festivals as a producer and dj – his My House venues and parties – run by a tight crew led by his wife Jess – are a trademark collection of irrevent craic, brilliant music, incredible design and sound. They are very often, literally the life and soul of the party.

Festivals are fleeting, ephemeral occurrences – so much of what happens behind the scenes goes by so fast and un noticed – so My Love Story looks to document the passions and stories of the people, like Toby, who make Another Love Story happen.

My Love Story feat. Toby Hatchett was produced with huge thanks to Bold Puppy Films.

WATCH: Episode 1 – My Love Story feat. BANTUM


Each year we spend the winter months mining the myriad of options to find just the right mix of artists and performers to match the moments and mood of the weekend at ALS.

We don’t reach for the obvious names all the time, we try to ensure that we get those moods right to make a the weekend flow as it should.

From the gentle gesturing of ALS newcomers Lemoncello through the somewhat wild and free ranging electronic jazz of Szun Waves and onto the beautiful windswept rhythms of Christian Loffler and all in between, we’re beyond excited for this year’s carefully curated collection of acts for ALS19.

Not only have we got cutting edge Irish and international live acts, but we also reach into the treasure chest of djs – of course the Shift Shack is held by our beloved Shift Shack Sound System, but we add brilliant party starters – Alex From Tokyo, The Drifter and Cork’s John Hennessy amongst others – the party is going to be first class no doubt.

That’s before our usual collection of off stage pop up performances in the parlour rooms, the wild woods and the cosy corners of The Manor.

All serve as the perfect accompaniment to your time spent with us from August 16th – 18th !

My Love Story feat. BANTUM

MY LOVE STORY | We are delighted to unveil the first full instalment of our short film series – My Love Story featuring the very talented BANTUM.

The idea behind the series is to use the platform we have to shine a light on the passions of the people who make ALS what it is – performers, artists, crew or attendees.

Each year we will pick one such person, and use the short film to follow their experience at the festival, and to dig just a little deeper into their work.

We would like to thank Ronan Fox and Tiny Ark for the brilliant production, and especially to Ruairi, Mark LeTissier and all involved in the BANTUM gang for being a part of it.

Festivals are essentially nothing but gatherings of people, and it is these people who make them so special.

Though many people arrive to the finished product, there is a shimmering iceberg of submerged though, talent and hard work that goes into each edition of Another Love Story which sits submerged beneath the glittering surface.

We hope the My Love Story series highlights the artistry and work of the individuals who make ALS so compelling.

(and also that it gets the bones shaking just a little bit for August)

Big Love

ALS xxx