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My Love Story feat. Toby Hatchett

My Love Story is our annual short film series chronicling the lives and passions of the the people who make Another Love Story what it is.

Clonakilty resident Toby Hatchett has been creating his stunning hi fi, and often sculptural soundsystems in his West Cork workshop, and luckily for us bringing them to ALS for a number of years now.

Each soundsystem is the perfect marriage and realisation of his passion for design, craftsmanship and hi fi sound – their presence at the festival has elevated the sound and appearance of our stages far beyond any standard sound installation could hope to.

They add a richness of atmosphere in any room they grace, and become as much a part of the performance as any act.

Toby has a long history of working on and devising divilment at festivals as a producer and dj – his My House venues and parties – run by a tight crew led by his wife Jess – are a trademark collection of irrevent craic, brilliant music, incredible design and sound. They are very often, literally the life and soul of the party.

Festivals are fleeting, ephemeral occurrences – so much of what happens behind the scenes goes by so fast and un noticed – so My Love Story looks to document the passions and stories of the people, like Toby, who make Another Love Story happen.

My Love Story feat. Toby Hatchett was produced with huge thanks to Bold Puppy Films.

WATCH: Episode 1 – My Love Story feat. BANTUM


Each year we spend the winter months mining the myriad of options to find just the right mix of artists and performers to match the moments and mood of the weekend at ALS.

We don’t reach for the obvious names all the time, we try to ensure that we get those moods right to make a the weekend flow as it should.

From the gentle gesturing of ALS newcomers Lemoncello through the somewhat wild and free ranging electronic jazz of Szun Waves and onto the beautiful windswept rhythms of Christian Loffler and all in between, we’re beyond excited for this year’s carefully curated collection of acts for ALS19.

Not only have we got cutting edge Irish and international live acts, but we also reach into the treasure chest of djs – of course the Shift Shack is held by our beloved Shift Shack Sound System, but we add brilliant party starters – Alex From Tokyo, The Drifter and Cork’s John Hennessy amongst others – the party is going to be first class no doubt.

That’s before our usual collection of off stage pop up performances in the parlour rooms, the wild woods and the cosy corners of The Manor.

All serve as the perfect accompaniment to your time spent with us from August 16th – 18th !

My Love Story feat. BANTUM

MY LOVE STORY | We are delighted to unveil the first full instalment of our short film series – My Love Story featuring the very talented BANTUM.

The idea behind the series is to use the platform we have to shine a light on the passions of the people who make ALS what it is – performers, artists, crew or attendees.

Each year we will pick one such person, and use the short film to follow their experience at the festival, and to dig just a little deeper into their work.

We would like to thank Ronan Fox and Tiny Ark for the brilliant production, and especially to Ruairi, Mark LeTissier and all involved in the BANTUM gang for being a part of it.

Festivals are essentially nothing but gatherings of people, and it is these people who make them so special.

Though many people arrive to the finished product, there is a shimmering iceberg of submerged though, talent and hard work that goes into each edition of Another Love Story which sits submerged beneath the glittering surface.

We hope the My Love Story series highlights the artistry and work of the individuals who make ALS so compelling.

(and also that it gets the bones shaking just a little bit for August)

Big Love

ALS xxx