NEWS 2020


Dearest Friends & Lovers,  So, here we are. We have tried as hard as we could, to wait as long as we could to face this moment. We have not...
NEWS 2020

Distant Listening 07

Millie Egan "My strategy for embracing this way of life without turning into a complete cave cretin is dressing up every day in 'nice' clothes instead of my usual workshirts...
NEWS 2020

Another Mix Series 003

Round three of our series of mixes recorded live from the hallowed walls of The Shift Shack comes to you from Nialler9. Nialler cut loose during the small hours of...
Distant Listening

Distant Listening 06

TIMMY TRA "All I can say is everybody stay strong, lookout for those less fortunate, and look forward to the mother of all parties when this is over" - Timmy...
NEWS 2020

Distant Listening 05

MARGIE JEAN LEWIS "This is a time to grieve, to sing, to meet your neighbours, to offer help, to connect, to share, to expand, to evolve, to observe nature, a...
NEWS 2020

ALS 2020 Update pt 2

A Message From Lockdown Land II : Hi again friends – firstly, thanks so much for all the support and positivity over the past few days – it really means…

NEWS 2020

ALS 2020 Update

A check in from Lockdown Land :⁠ ⁠ We are greeting yesterday’s announcement by the government on events with cautious optimism for all things Another Love Story | 2020. ⁠ ⁠…

Distant Listening

Distant Listening 04 : Toby Hatchett & Kobina

Toby Hatchett has been creating his stunning hi fi, and often sculptural soundsystems in his West Cork workshop, and luckily for us bringing them to ALS for a number of...
Distant Listening

Distant Listening 03 : Claire Beck

Claire Beck is one of the most recognisable figures in the Irish music scene today - Claire's voice has been heard across the airwaves on Phantom, TXFM and most recently...
NEWS 2020

Another Mix Series 002 – Lil’ Dave

Round two of our series of mixes recorded live from the hallowed walls of The Shift Shack at ALS19 comes to you from Ireland's favourite Berlin based Maeve messer -...
Distant Listening

Distant Listening 02 : Robbie Power

Robbie Power is one of the original and dearest members of the ALS crew. Truly a renaissance man if ever there was one, Robbie splits his time between his home...
Distant Listening

Distant Listening 01 : Ailbhe Reddy

Ailbhe Reddy is a contemporary singer songwriter from Dublin. Her steady rise as a voice of note and particular complexion has marked her out as one of our favourite artists...