When we first laid eyes on The Manor we knew in our hearts and souls we had found our home for all things Another Love Story.


ALS is of course, a music festival first and foremost, but from day one the idea and design has been to hold a celebration not only of music, but to create a space that allows the full fruits of the talents of our friends to shine – and most of all to create a weekend event that promotes moments of peace and restoration right alongside the inevitable and celebrated party!


From the beginning in 2014 The Library has hosted some extraordinary moments of conversation and song, and this year is no different as YHRF‘s beautifully pitched ‘KINDRED‘ programme brings some incredible voices to the parlour rooms of The Manor – with recently Booker Prize long listed writer Kevin Barry holding court and spinning records, one man polymath Brian Cross – know better as B+ , author Karl Whitney and more lending their learned minds to proceedings with music from the likes of Oh Boland, Lux Alma and a succession of Super Groups – The Plastic Ormo Band, Chris Barry’s Band and of course, the now infamous YHRF Folk Club will excite and sooth you into the night – watch out for the most special of special guests appearing here. 


One of the GREAT charms of Killyon Manor is the tiny cinema room deep in its heart – ‘Roland’s Cinema D’Amour‘ which this year host the likes of multi faceted rolling Cabaret show – The Brown Bread Mixtape, a brilliant history of sampling ‘Scratching The Surface‘ by Graham Smyth, and each evening our friends in Blackwater Gin are hosting a ‘Classic Movie & Gin‘ in that gorgeous little space.


As we have gently expanded through and beyond the walls of The Manor and into the surrounding area The Mellow Meadow‘s SAOI Hot Tubs, ambient incense vibe Moon River, Bosca Beatha Sauna, Massage Tent and of course the run away success story of 2018 – The River (Raver) Deck have given Lovers a space to relax and spend some real quality time with pals away from the hustle and bustle of all the fun around The Manor.


Spend the morning in The Meadow with a Mindfulness class, a musical Yoga programme and ease your way through the day surrounded by the stunning native woodland and the soft gurgling of The River Deel.


Travelling on from The Mellow Meadow you cross over into the equally magic Island Woods – an outcrop of gladed woodland with a mysterious ruin cosyied away at its heart. This small ruin has become ‘For Conor’ our yearly dedicated space to the memory and musical legacy of festival friend Conor Walsh who played with us a number of times. This space hosts some programmed and some pop up moments throughout the weekend – broadly inspired by the spirit of the music that Conor made – this year we have the talents of producer Kobina and contemporary composer Paddy Mulcahy playing special sets in that most atmospheric of space. Watch out for some other special moments here throughout the weekend.


One of the things we’re most proud of is the myriad of little bits we manage to pack into our little festival weekend – this year our ALS Divilment Dept. will be on hand to make sure the level of craic is kept up at all times, culminating in the riotous sports day The Love Olympics – which returns with a very special theme for 2019 – ‘Deep Space Killyon‘ – set those phasers to Love.
There’s more asides – meet the match of your dreams with To Wit : To Woo , watch the All Ireland in the most unique of settings for The Shift Shack Sunday Game, and above all else – stroll the grounds of our glorious home Killyon Manor – it’s ours for the weekend to explore.


This, and more awaits at #ALS19


You just have to get there to know the feeling.

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