Dearest Friends & Lovers, 

So, here we are.

We have tried as hard as we could, to wait as long as we could to face this moment.

We have not done so out of blind optimism, but being small and somewhat nimble, we hoped that by giving ourselves as much time as we could possibly muster, we might just have been able to plot a clear path out of the current thicket of events, and into the wide clear glade of our dreams – Another Love Story 2020.


However, the recent clarification from the government stipulating a max capacity of 500 people for events in August, coupled with the ongoing uncertainties around the COVID-19 situation, mean that it is clear for us to see at this point in time that we have to face the disappointing, if somewhat unsurprising fact that we cannot go ahead with ALS 2020 as planned – and so the festival is cancelled for this year.

At this stage you are all beyond aware of the circumstances at play here, they hardly need repeating.

The overriding facts are that – coupled with ongoing restrictions and uncertainties around COVID-19 (which have huge implications for the practicality, viability and vibe of running an event like ALS) the very large and pressing reality for us is that we cannot proceed entirely safe in the knowledge that we could do so safely for our attendees, and equally as importantly for our crew, artists, and the community who live in Killyon Manor and in its wider surrounds.

We are, of course, hugely disappointed.

ALS is the cornerstone of our year – the bright beam of light around which the rest of the year’s shadow’s dance.

And doubly so as we had such a great edition planned for ALS 2020 -last year felt like a step up for us, it gave us such a huge boost of energy, and we were so looking forward to building further on that vibe.

We know this is a disappointing announcement for many of you also, we know so many of you were looking forward to that first post Lockdown party, and have held your plans in the hope that we would get to go ahead as planned.

We want to thank you for your unwavering support and patience over the last few months.

From our side, beyond this summer – ALS is a small independent business run by a small but hugely dedicated team who pour their hearts into the festival each year.

The scale of the festival is so important to the feeling of the ALS experience, but it also means that we have neither a large war-chest, nor large corporate backers – so cancelling the festival has some very real financial implications for the festival and the team.


It has been a strange and troubling few months on so many levels, even beyond COVID -19 we recognise that there are issues at play far greater than the lack of festivals this summer.

So overall we have to say that the main feeling here is one of genuine thankful appreciation for all the amazing year’s we have spent together to this point.

Though we will desperately miss the electrifying bolt of love lightening that we get from hosting you all at The Manor, we have so many truly amazing memories to sustain us through the strange winter of this COVID summer and beyond – no matter how long that runs.

We are looking forward to returning to Killyon Manor next August from the 13th – 15th for ALS 2021.

Never before have our twin totems of ‘Together Is the Most Important Thing’ and ‘Love Wins Out’ been more needed, or so apt.

We hope everyone is doing ok out there, and we can’t wait to dance with you all again.

Soon, we hope.

Huge Love,


Rollovers, Refunds & Donations

We are humbly offering the following options around your ALS 2020 Tickets :
1) Roll Over Ticket to ALS 2021 (Dates : 13th – 15th August 2021)
2) Full Refund
3) Donate part or all of your ticket to ALS

** You must fill out this form to let us know your preference. **

The closing date to fill out this form is Friday July 17th. If you do not fill out this form by the closing date we will assume you wish to roll over your ticket to ALS 2021. For more info on the above please see the Cancellation FAQ’S below. Please also understand we are a super small team, it will take a little while to get all of this sorted out. We endeavour to have your preferred option processed by the end of the July / early August.

For any queries please contact : mel@anotherlovestory.ie


If you purchased a ticket(s) to ALS 2020 then we will have sent you an email with a refund link. Please check your spam mail if you have not received it.

The refund link includes a number of options so please read each option carefully. Each individual ticket holder must fill out the form to outline their preference. The deadline for returning this form is Friday 17th July. If you do not fill out the form by this date we will assume that you wish to Roll Over Your ticket.


Can I transfer my Another Love Story ticket over to next year’s event instead of receiving a refund?

Yes, just hold on to your Another Love Story 2020 ticket and it will be valid for 2021.

I bought multiple tickets on the same order. Can I process the roll-over or refund for all tickets?

Yes, but you’ll need to fill out a separate form for each ticket. We’ve done it this way to ensure every ticket holder has the opportunity to choose what their preferred option (some ticket holders will want their ticket to roll-over to 2021 and some will want a full refund)

What happens if I don’t fill out the form?

Then your ticket automatically rolls over to 2021.


How do I request a refund for my Another Love Story ticket?

We have sent an email with all details to ticket holders. This will have your refund link to request a refund for your Another Love Story ticket.

Will the booking fee be refunded?

​Yes, a full refund including service charge will be refunded.

I want to refund my Another Love Story ticket but my card details have changed / card expired since I purchased the ticket. How do I proceed?

Please contact Eventbrite and advise them of the change in your card details. We will then process your refund as requested.  Due to GDPR regulations Eventbrite will only contact the original cardholder to discuss new payment details.

Can I transfer other tickets like campervan and boutique camping tickets to next year’s festival?

We will be automatically refunding all campervan & boutique camping tickets.


I have an instalment plan for my Another Love Story ticket. Will I receive a full refund for every instalment I have paid?

​Yes, including booking fees and service charges.

Can I roll-over an instalment plan if I haven’t completed payments?

Yes, that’s no problem. Your payments will be paused until next year.


If you are so kind as to donate part or all of your ticket to ALS then we are offering the following rewards (rewards in brackets)

• DONATE 25 % to ALS & Refund the rest | (First dibs on ALS 2021 Tickets)

• DONATE 50% to ALS & Refund the rest | (First dibs & 10% off ALS 2021 Ticket)

• DONATE 75% to ALS & Refund the rest | (First dibs & 20% off ALS 2021 Ticket & ALS Limited Edition A3 Print)

• DONATE 100% to ALS | (First Dibs & 35% off 2021 ALS Ticket, ALS Limited Edition A3 Print & ALS Tote & Entered into a draw to win a complimentary boutique camping weekend at ALS 2021)

All discounts to ALS 2021 apply only to individual tickets, and not to combined orders.


Who do I contact if I have a query?

Please email Mel at mel@anotherlovestory.ie

I have contacted Another Love Story regarding my ticket but still haven’t heard back. What do I do?

​We’re sorry if it takes a little longer to hear back from us. We are extremely busy processing refunds so please bear with us.